Dumb Drivers of Exotic cars (Lamborghini & Ferrari)

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  1. I wouldnt call the guys half way in the video dumb just after you watch how quick your car flies into a wall best idea would be tapping the pedal like you dont know how to drive it especially if its stick.

  2. I am not taking the side of the Lambo driver but in defense of getting the car moving these cars have hydraulically controlled clutch and gear shift systems that are controlled electronically. They wont let you engage any gears and keep the car in neutral until all doors and lids are closed so in this case they probable didn't latch the front luggage compartment lid fully and that's why he couldn't get the car in gear. If he read the owners manual he would know this.

  3. that guy in the black lambo that couldn't drive his own car..that clip was filmed in red bank nj.. I use to live 5 minutes away from there. That yellow lambo also in the clip is always parked outside of coco paris lol…

  4. I dont see what is wrong with the second clip? They obviously see something on the dash saying a door is ajar. Most cars include the trunk and in this case could include the engine compartment. 


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