eagle talon police chase

dsm power vs. police interceptor.

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  1. If that 4G63 had upgraded internals, a bigger turbo and remap, that chase would have been a wraps after that guy bent that first curve… even the police package crown vic isnt going no faster than 130 mph..

  2. Free this man and his car, you can't not run from the cops when being behind the wheel of a awd turbo dsm. Especially the laser, I mean if that beast is outrunning Police Interceptors at 8 lbs of boost, i'm trading my gst for one lmao

  3. I love how many people just have to talk some shit on the dsm even after it proving to be better than the police 5.0 fox body running after it. prolly a stock 91 awd talon. i forgot all those big hp domestics dont leak oil or ever have parts fail.

  4. Just bought a stock 92, previous owner bought it new, right now im just bringing back to good condition but Im looking forward to making it quicker Right now it leaks from every bolt and gasket seal on the bottom, gotta take care of that first

  5. Cops put more people in danger by chasing this guy, then strategically catching him, lets ram and not use spikes!  Cop should be charged with attempted murder, as if the guy did that to him he would be charged.  Take him out….  Cops are punks.


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