Eddie Hearn answers YOUR questions on AJ v Ruiz and Whyte v Rivas! | #Toe2Toe

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Eddie Hearn joins Andy Clarke and Spencer Fearon this week to answer your tweets on AJ v Ruiz, Whyte v Rivas and much more!

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Comment (49)

  1. I'm a AJ fan but that performance was a disgrace he shouldn't have even gone into the fight. It looked like he was crapping himself when he was chewing on that gum shield.. He never just let himself down he let thousands of fans down as swell.

  2. Eddie set his stall out with Dillian getting him a fight with Parker after he lost his belt, Dillian should have had that title fight, should be doing better for dillian in regards to getting him a title fight, can't just keep blaming WBC.

  3. Well they need to make a 🤬 decision soon because if they’re gonna do 12 week training camps for a November fight cuz that will mean they have to start training beginning of August and we are almost there soooo…..🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. U can see how brilliant the knock down was for aj how he wiggles through to the inside and drops him but after that he starts swinging wild punches with no defence and gets caught he will not do that again

  5. You Britts just don't get it.
    Los Angeles is where your card is.
    You're (Eddie mostly) are all a Twitter with what you think you
    know and if I hear once more "It's all about the money" I'm going to
    The pot of gold for this fight is in
    Los Angeles. Don't be daft.
    The Mexican paying audience is in LA. Rocky vs Ivan Drago

  6. When you was on cokain you Talk Talk Talk Talk every times Talk wilder Fuck you when the fight come and The Chubby gay ruiz Fuck you ab you and yoschua a Talk Champions 🤣👍🏻 Go sleep and Look and the mirror

  7. This interview shows exactly how thick and Ill informed in boxing Eddie hearn really is. Wilder can't just throw right hands willy nilly with fury because shock horror fury has a bit of a dig on him aswel being 20 stone or there abouts. If wilder gets sloppy with fury hell get hurt end of. What a twat hearn is

  8. Is this a AJ fight? Fucking hell haven’t stopped hearing about him.. making me wish he loses the rematch so we don’t have to fucking hear it anymore.. shoving it down our throats.. and how has Spencer got a job at Sky the race bating racist?

  9. Hmmmm…..did Eddie phone Spencer at breakfast time to coordinate their top colours?

    Listen – we don't want to see the Big Boys fight each other when they're all past their prime, vis as vis, Tyson vs Lewis etc etc and you've teased us all along, with your PPV Shows. You know what I'm say Eddie, stop mucking around……..

  10. I don't understand. Doesn't Ruiz have a promotional team? Don't they have a say? This guy talks as if he and Joshua have the power still, but they lost the title. Just because they've been granted the rematch doesn't give them the right to arbitrarily choose the venue.


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