Exotic Car Show – Maserati MC12 Saleen S7 Porsche Carrera GT Ford GT Lamborghinis Ferraris Porsches

Brian videotapes over 250 exotic cars at the 2008 Danville D’Elegance exotic car show including the Maserati MC12, Saleen S7, Porsche Carrera GT, and many …

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  1. @NVB44
    the scc ultimate aero tt is the fastest american super car they are made by shelby supercars i never herd of a s7 with a v12 just a s7 with a twin turbo v8 wich makes 770 hp or so.

  2. this is the difference between a exotic car show and a classic car show. exotic has awesome cars and class, on the other hand the classic car shows have black bitches everywhere in nothing but skimpy dresses and thongs dnacing in from of shitty cars


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