Exotic Car Spotting in Tokyo's Underground Garages | Part 5

A quick video of some underground garage car spotting around Tokyo. There were quite a few exotics and hyper cars under cover or in storage (known as …

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  1. You have no idea how excited these videos make me about my trip to Japan later this year. I love car spotting, but since I live in New Zealand, I don't see a lot of exotics when I go spotting. A good day is probably 35/40. Probably 1 or 2 Lambos, maybe a Ferrari, possibly a rare Aston like a Vanquish. So, seeing these videos is just preparing me for the trip! We get 2 days of free time in Tokyo to do what we want, so I'm gonna try and find these garages! Love the videos man, and keep up the great work 🙂


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