Fails You Missed: Did That Girl Fart? (Mar 2018) | FailArmy

On this Fails You Missed, we’re showing off some comps we made for other platforms. We’ve got didn’t see that coming fails, a funny chicken legs comp, and …

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  1. 6:57 I did the same thing in kindergarten but it was a kitty and I threw it into the basement in haste when my grandpa was coming around the corner. The kitty broke its leg because after I saw it limping around and meowing.

  2. @ 4:26 & 4:27 you can actually see the dude take a step over the fishing line that pulls the chair and you can also tell it's only attached to one leg of the chair because of the way the chair spins as it's pulled and the funny part is the chair is pulled in exactly the same direction as where the dude stepped over the line. Hmmmm… Come on now FA, even a blind man could have seen that one. 🤦

  3. So at 9:22 someone stood there while their baby was clearly going to fall and have a mirror fall on them just to get video of it. People are out of control. At what point did video become the most important part? To set up a failure or stand idly by just so you can get video is a dick move.

  4. I know it's wrong☹️for me to lmao🤣but @4:58 when that shark🦈 approach that scuba diver it was like the shark was saying "OK MF I TOLD YOU POPARAZZI'S I DIDN'T WANT TO BE ON CAMERA, NOW IM GOING TO HAVE TO KICK YOUR ASS NOW!!!😁


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