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  1. Far Cry 5 felt like such a generic game. I bought it but managed to play it only for a few hours. And it seemed to have very serious persistence issues, where the game despawns and spawns objects around you without any respect to rational expectations (despawn my car when I walk a few meters away, really? and spawn enemies on me when I turn around?). So it's fair to say there is little chance I'm gonna buy Far Cry 6. Though, I'm probably not their intended audience anyway.

  2. It cant be vaas because he already has established lore. And we he was born and grew up on rook island. And how could this take place in the 80s the trailer shows Diego with an iPhone 10 or something

  3. I can’t understand the people saying Far Cry 5 was good. I love Far Cry and i’ve been playing since Far Cry 3 but with all due respect, FC5 is the worst in the series. — The protagonist is silent, the world is bland in comparison to previous games, the skill trees are meaningless, the enemies are way too easy and there’s only like 3 diff types of enemies. They took away hunting for materials and crafting bags and holsters. The AI and NPCs are incredibly stupid. The game is not optimized well, at least not on PC. Then ofc there’s plenty of bugs and glitches. I tried to keep my complaints with the game as objective as possible. So as not to say that these things are my preference. Stupid AI is stupid AI no matter what. With that being said, how on earth can people with their right mind say Far Cry 5 is a good game. You can have fun with it, sure. But objectively speaking, Far Cry 5 is a dumpster fire 😭

  4. Why does everyone hate "last of us part 2"? I'm really lost rn. Cause it seems since people personally dont like the way the story turned out they say it was shitty but not taking into account the actual game itself like the mechanics and gameplay.. Please someone inform me

  5. can you guys make a video on "what is the difference of different editions of the same game?" example "special edition" "collectors edition" "game of the year edition" etc Thanks

  6. These villains are my fav the villains that are human no powers put they are very powerful and smart and have control over man many people so like this if you agree with me

  7. Played farcry since 1. More samey as time goes on. No doubt the same recycled 12 guns they've been using for the past 4 games. Same models and sounds, lazy devs. They need to shake it up but FC6 isn't it.

  8. Yeah but in far cry primal there was also some interaction with the villains child towards the end. I dont think they have any sort of relation between the different entries, its just about story. And adding a child to such a story formula as far crys, is a way to spice it up


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