Fatal Police Chase Phoenix VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED March 15 2017

A man suspected in a deadly Ahwatukee shooting Wednesday morning is dead after stealing a woman’s car in Glendale and leading officials on a high-speed …

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  1. This was horrible to watch. Jesus have some restraint, guys. Was it really necessary to let the dog maul him while he wasn't even a threat? These cops are blood thirsty maniacs.

  2. Disgusting violation of human rights letting the dog chew on him and attack him when the guy was badly hurt.. (first thing should have been medical attention as he was obviously not fighting or conscious…

    Charge with Murder

  3. I love listening to these clueless media people. It may of been a law enforcement officer in the SUV. Yuh think? What was your first clue? The guy getting out with body armor on and a AR and joining the other cops!?!?!

  4. You can clearly see he killed himself. Watch the second view near the end. After the police SUV collides, the man can be seen moving, than a single puff of smoke shoots out of the car, not into the car, and the man stops moving. He shot himself.


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