First Look at the Hole-Punch Display!

A closer look at the camera cutout hole-punch display 👀

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Intro Track: Choo Choo by Alltta


Phone provided by Huawei for video.

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  1. I purchased the regular Honor 20 a few days ago and I have to say it's an amazing phone for the price. £399 here in the UK. It feels like a much more expensive phone both hardware and software wise. It's fast, the battery life is great, the UI looks very neat and tidy.

    I chose this phone because I'm waiting for the iPhone 11 with 5G when I upgrade in January. Because I'll only be keeping whichever phone I purchased for 6-7 months I didn't want to spend too much money and for £399 this phone is an absolute bargain in my opinion. Same CPU as the P30 PRO, 6GB of RAM, a very decent camera, the latest version of Android including the latest security patches. It's just an all around bargain in my opinion.
    I do really like the look of the hole punch display but functionally I think I would have preferred a notch housing the front camera. I rarely use the front camera however so looks wise, yeah the hole punch display looks great.

    I do hope everything turns out ok with the Hauwei/Google issues because they make great phones at great prices. I'll be keeping my Honor 20 when I get my iPhone 11.
    The UI on the Honor 20 is great. It has an iOS ish touch of polish to it whilst still fully integrating Google's service's such as Discover and assistant. Unlike Samsung with Bixby. Why Samsung didn't just go with Google assistant is beyond me.

    Sorry for going off topic. And thanks for the video.

  2. Interesting how they know that they need to put that in the center and they won't do it until a future release. Oh well, that's how they keep being able to make changes, I guess.

  3. I am not good with all this terminology jargon in the techy lingo but …..I still don't know what the hell is Hole-Punch in reference to. I'm thinking it's the dot on the corner? and …so ?? is the dot to adjust screen size display?

  4. Oh the madness of bezel less display… You know that when you use almost any app (including videos and games), the top display will need to be cropped to eliminate the disturbing black hole, right. The only thing you can enjoy the oh so beautiful and large display is the wallpaper at the home screen. How is that "bigger screen in a smaller body"? And it wastes more juice. And it cost more to build, and more expensive to buy. This craze needs to stop someday.


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