Florida Trooper Pulling Over Miami Cop At Gunpoint ( Dashcam )

It all was started when FHP Trooper Donna Watts arrested Miami Police Officer Fausto Lopez at gunpoint after he was speeding The feud was sparked off by a …

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  1. A lot of people in the comments below saying no one is above the law! Trust me if she had of done this to someone in power like a judge, mayor, chief of police, someone in the senate! Or someone with high connections !
    She would have lost her job the next day!!!
    Wake up people don't be so naive !
    There are those who are above the law !

  2. I applaud her for doing her job because no police officer or judge is above the law. No disrespect but you law enforcement people really need to understand that. You chose to do your job. You were not granted special powers because you're a police officer. Abuse of power is never good. Leadership by example

  3. The speeding officer was let go and many officers and departments went on a mission to destroy a good officer.

    In the state of Florida police officers are six times more likely to commit a crime with a gun than concealed carry permit holders. The simple truth is that examples like this video with an officer committing Felony Elude and Reckless Driving, then walking away can guarantee I do no trust the average police officer with my life.

  4. Jackass Lopez was also EVADING police…you can see where he starts to slow down and then speeds up & changes lanes. I wonder if he was charged with that as well. He is one of MANY corrupt IDIOT cops!!

  5. The cops here where live better hope I never join highway patrol. I see them speeding off duty and breaking traffic laws out of their jurisdiction all the time. I would carry out their punishment exactly as she did to this guy. Outstanding job trooper! 👍

  6. Did he say… "There are high end people at the school…so we really have to take care of them?"…. What about the low end people? Or did I hear this wrong? She said…"Oh I understand". Around the 22:00 mark. Man…He was FLYING at 120 mph to get those rich folks.

  7. Nah, she didn't pull over that cop just because she's doing her job. The trooper knows that the moment she cuffed the officer, the dash cam video would be a nationwide hit. This is just another person who wants their 15 minutes of fame.

  8. Wake up little rubber cop you are going to jail ,😨NO NO little rubber cop Cry out ‘No NO I am city of Miami po po ! NO you are poop poop 💩 The trooper said too him and took him straight to jail .That’s so funny 😂🤣🤣 another case of pig in the Cell 👮 🤣🤣🤣

  9. That's why you cant give a woman a gun or power. If it's the wrong time of the month, she will do what most woman do, over emotionalize things, and make mistakes. She definitely over did it.

  10. Wow. She nailed this guy good. 120mph (which is probably double the speed limit on this road), off-duty, no lights or siren, erratic driving, and failing to immediately pull over. This guy is screwed.

  11. I fucking HATE cops that think they are above the law

    It pisses me off to hear them so surprised that they are being punished

    When they EVERYDAY ruin people's lives for doing the same shit they do

    Pieces of shit.

  12. Donna Watts…hated by a small but reasonably sized faction of the law enforcement community…loved by good honest citizens of America…I'd take the. latter any day of the week, don't worry Donna, let all these blue code of silence loving cops hate on you, you have the love and respect of the entire community, law enforcement seems to forget that that is more important than getting a pat on the back and your ego massaged by a bunch of cops

  13. She was right for pulling the local officer over for speeding, but her approach is just absurd. There is no way in hell this did not only violate her SOP, but the law as well. Watts should have been fired just as much as Lopez should have. (In fact, a NY Trooper was fired for the SAME exact thing back in 2003.) Even though that cop was wrong for speeding, put yourself in his shoes. A female trooper pointing a loaded firearm with one in the tube at your head for speeding? I'm just speculating, but if he shot her, he probably would have won the court case.


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