FNN: Police Chase in Miami-Dade Florida

Watch as police officers try to stop a suspect in a stolen SUV through the streets and highways of Florida.

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  1. Well I sure do wish they would stay on the air to let us know where this car is going what it's doing instead of just clicking off where you just hear Dead Silence. I don't like that too much I like to know what's going on I enjoy watching these police Pursuits but if I don't know what's going on I lose interest I kind of like watching that Fox 11 because they got the guy in the helicopter that does the reporting I like that …

  2. Waaaaaaaaay too many cops. Waaaaaaay too much tax dollars going to waste there for ONE idiot. 4 or 5 ok but 2 DOZEN??!!!! Apparently there are no real supervisors there.

  3. Great ending? no way; last much too long and to think a platoon of police chasing after a child !!!!! behind the steer ? Com on: police create here a precedent: not good idea. !


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