Focus Izalco Max vs Cannondale SuperSix EVO | Race Bike BATTLE | 2020 Bike of The Year

Focus Izalco Max vs the Cannondale SuperSix EVO, it’s the race bike battle of 2020. Our 2020 bike of the year was hotly contested in the race bike category, but …

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  1. What do you think about our winner, the Cannondale SuperSix Evo? Do you think we've got it all wrong? Let us know what would be your winner in the comments!

  2. How come the weight is not even mentioned? It is hard to believe it is an oversight, more like an omission it seems. I think these bikes are amazing in many ways but can we objectively say that they are heavy? Weight is not important for some but it is for many. Mark my words next time you are suffering up a climb. I think it is a little convenient to simply brush the issue aside. A 6.8kg bike doesn't feel the same as a 7.8kg bike which in turns feels NOTHING like an 8.8kg bike=that new SS evo "Ultegra".

  3. Bikeradar quote of the day: "They've retain the geometry" !!!!! 54cm: 20mm larger head tube, increased fork rake by a degree and the wheelbase has grown 20mm?!?!

  4. I have a previous gen Focus Izalco Max. As in rim brake. And before that a Focus Izalco SL. At the time, it was getting difficult to find a race bike with race geometry – everything was heading towards endurance, except for the Focus and the Tarmac. And I've stuck with them since. And now they seem to have withdrawn from the US market, unfortunately.

    But definitely the Focus if you want classic race geometry.

  5. Absolute joke….these biased fools always say the same thing…they must be on Cannondale’s payroll because they said exactly the same about the last Evo! 😂

  6. Loved my first generation (custom build) EVO. (Never should have sold it!) But 2 things I strongly dislike about this one. One: no color options (at this price) – just BORING black! Two: NOT full Ultegra – rear is 105. Seems dishonest (by Cannondale, not you) to call it "Ultegra". Keep up the great reviews.

  7. I purchased one s6 evo disc with 105 and upgraded with the components (Ultegra di2 and Roval CL50) from the Tarmac that I had.
    The result was the best bike I ever had, fast as an aero and excelent climber. Wheight was 7.8kg with pedals and all acesories.

    In fact I like so much that I got one hi-mod frameset and upgraded the bike, now its 7.45kg.

  8. Anyone know why the area above the tyre on the seat stays of the Focus is filled in? Is there a rim brake variant that uses the area for DM brake system? Seems very unnecessary, sort of just stood out to me.

  9. Do not touch any Focus bike with the RAT system I have one and in my opinion and experience it is a flawed system and Focus should recall all bikes fitted with the useless technology. In fact Focus should rename the Rapid Axle Technology (RAT) to Super Hub Innovative Technology – that's right SHIT at least people would know what they are spending their hard earned cash on.

  10. You ruined bike of the year! I used to look forward to it, but now I couldn’t care less! Also I bought the Cannondale Caad12 on your recommendation back in 2016 and I would like a refund!

  11. > like an air foil but then they chop the tail off so you've got much smoother flow over all the major tube shapes

    Now I think I know what he meant here. I think it's smoother flow as compared to a non aero frame. But he makes it sound as if the flow is smoother compared to an air foil shape which is simply not true.

  12. I recently bought the SuperSix Evo with SRAM Force. I'm loving the bike but pretty disappointed to find out its 8.7kg in 58cm. For almost £5k it's no lightweight!

  13. Both really nice bikes; though I'm not a fan of the dropped seatstay. Have had 3 Cannondales and 1 Focus, and no complaints. Focus was a bit more value for money. I think they've made an error with no tubeless wheels…it's 2020.

  14. Cannondale states this bike wasn’t intended to be the new SS Evo – and it shows. I’ve seen a few in the flesh and had the chance to ride this exact build yesterday. It’s disappointing. It looked pieced together, felt sluggish, and while it may work for a first time road bike owner, it won’t for someone who has spent time on classic frames like the precious EVO or TCR. Those bikes had soul and characteristics that separated them from the herd. The new TCR thankfully kept that.

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