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Hope you like the Datsun Review! This series might be a little bit silly but I’ve got to say, these videos are fun to make!! I can also “shoot” and edit them much …

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  1. I managed to get 2.34.6 with my tune, I think the K20 fit better the car than a I6. I race with this 510 on rally B class, she's a freakin beast, she beat's everything in that class. And nice series btw.

  2. I love this car. It's so much fun in drag races. Especially when I try to keep it looking as stock as possible for a sleeper build. I could only imagine people's faces when it wheelies off the line like a rocket.

  3. Just stumbled upon the channel from tuning videos, I think this will be a cool series! One suggestion that I have is to maybe do it in a "Let's Build" kind of format. Maybe you could put some clips of the build process and kind of what your thoughts are as you're figuring out the best upgrades to put on. Looking forward to seeing some more cars! You should do some of the Audi Avants!

  4. Classy? Eh…It was just an ordinary car. Rather cheap, reliable, accessible. Although, it's partially responsible for what happened in the 70s. RIP American Automotive Industry 🙂

  5. The reason for the Datsun 510 handling so we'll is believe it or not it has independent front and rear suspension. People actually have used Subaru rear ends to beef it up some. As for what I use the 510 for I use it as a drift car TBH it is my favorite drift car and takes a little bit of skill to keep it from spinning out

  6. OMG this is the best I'm so gonna try out my own tunes on this track myself. a solid concept plz make more of these i love it! would be great if you can end with a timelaps of your tune so a noob tuner like me can have that as a basis and then spice it up how i want.

  7. Hay HokiHoshi, what's your Xbox name so we can follow you on the Creative Hub? I think you should plonk this information in the description, love both the videos and your tuning and hope the series is here to stay!

  8. The most I've had with the forza series as a whole has been playing tag with bone stock datsun 510's with friends. I highly recommend everyone get a private lobby going and try it with just 2 or 3 friends

  9. Cool! I do think you should do the engine swaps though, you have to take into account what cars have access to what engines and this should play into your review. Don’t limit yourself to just the stock engine unless you think that’s a fun idea. I’d like to see you look at the fairlady Z. It’s popular among its niche driverbase but I don’t think it’s used as much as it should be. Keep it up 👏

  10. The 510 is a personal favorite, both IRL and in FH4. In future I'd be really interested to see more of the common cars you feel are worthwhile. It's easy to see what's great about my FE Lambo Aventador or Hoonicorn Mustang, but if there are other commons that are as much fun to drive as my 510 it'd be cool to learn about them.

  11. It could be cool to announce cars you're going to review an episode in advance. I think there's quite a few of us that turned up here because we were trying to learn how to tune and feel out cars, and exploring the car before seeing your review and driving your tune(s) sounds like a great way to get personal experience and track our own progression against tunes we trust. Obviously, there is an element of opinion as to what does and doesn't make a fun/good car to drive, but it's pretty hard to argue with a time trial.

    As a side bonus, it'd foster good day one discussion in the comments for those of us who'd already spent a bunch of time with the car. It'd likely be a minority of viewers, but for the people who do experiment beforehand, it'd be like a book club but for car tuning, and I can't think of a downside for the other viewers apart from maybe losing the element of surprise on the car review.

  12. Good video. Couple of things: where the grades based of the A class build or other builds you made outside the build? In fact, if you do a car a certian style i.e. rally, drift, or track, I would say only grade the car in that style, then have sub categories for how it does in that style. Finally, drive on that dirt road west of your track or I'll dislike every video after this one until you do.


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