Frankenstein GPU Cooling – IT’S AWESOME

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Can you get maximum performance AND silence at the same time by using a tower cooler on your graphics card? We took not one, but two DeepCool Assassin III Coolers and built the Silent but Deadly PC to find out!

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Comment (32)

  1. Also CPU temps probably much better since the GPU don't exhaust the heat back into the case, which means less noise from the CPU cooler and also in some cases more OC headroom.

  2. I remember back in the day when water cooling was going through this sort of DIY phase and everyone was poking fun at it……………Basically people are skeptical that's ok, but numbers don't lie……. extreme air cooling like this works……and those people who spent $$$$$ on water cooling are getting worried.

    Worry not though I am sure some greedy company will mass produce brackets/kits for this idea and charge some huge premiums

  3. Copying content from professional hardware assemblers and technical gods is not nice Linus.
    You sound just like a kid next to them.

    But hey, most people find kids cute and funny… Just like soap operas have a big audience, even if everyone says they don't watch them.

  4. My 980tis fans died about 7 months ago. So I read a few guides, and ended up rigging some noctua 140mm, yes 140mm to my card. WHY 140mm, well outside of the fact that the entire card was covered, I can lower the fan speeds so much, that I NEVER hear it. I have yet to see my card go over 60* on a full load. That is also with just the stock heatsink, that came with my card.

  5. So, if you can just modify the mounting bracket for that air cooler.. Could you not just buy a corsair h60 for about the same price, do the same bracket mod.. and be just as easily mounted.. if not easier?

  6. wondering if this also a proof that Boost 3.0 is now basically a scam now? they said they are going to boost the performance automatically as long as you keep your GPU cool, well 55 degree is pretty cool but this is no where increased in the performance as expect

  7. Want to know what's easier? Zip tie two 120mm fans to the stock radiator after removing the cooler fans … And use some good thermal griz paste … This is how I build all of my super cooled and quiet PS4 pro sized systems

  8. Here everything wrong about gpus : the GPU should be mounted upside down for the heat to rise up to you cpu cooler and not back to your die .all of them should use blower style heat sinks so that the heat does not stay in the case


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