From the Isle of Man TT to World Renowned Detailer

Todd details the Bugatti Press Cars – Todd’s work on Ed’s Scuderia – Todd Cooperider (IG: …

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  1. 1:15 your facts are bs todd … 1. Not 1 death per year… 2. It's mad sunday and it's public road. It's also like that for the 2 weeks. God you americans talk through your hoop. Don't believe, watch my videos on my channel as a local here on the ISLE OF MAN

  2. Todd is legacy himself in the detail realm. His blogs (and personal responses to questions) on Detailed Image have been incredibly helpful to me and I am very grateful for his desire to share his knowledge in a humble way.

  3. I’ve been buying from Esoteric for a few years now. To me Esoteric has always been a place for people in the know, looking for the best products. There’s lots of Detailer’s on YouTube shilling whatever product a company is releasing. Not Todd. Esoteric only sells what they use in their own shop and they are very discerning. The crew is top notch, big thanks to Zach for always answering my questions! One of these days I need to get down there for the detailers academy. I hope this collaboration will bring Esoteric many more customers and subs to their YouTube channel, they truly deserve it!

  4. I remember getting flack from people when I started blogging in 2002. "Why are you giving information away?" they said. Just wait, I said. About five years later that blog was my only marketing expense, along with hours and hours of research and writing of course. After a while, the ads on it paid the bills, at least for a while. Anyways, love WINwiki, great stories, I always learn something.

  5. How can a manufacturer of cars retailing in the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars have paint problems?! I understand why, but at the same time It’s ridiculous

  6. I was a good detailer in my early 20s, but aside of running from lot to lot with my own truck there was no opportunity to ever go beyond that. I miss doing it and I would again if I could find a niche.


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