FULL BROADCAST: Toyota Men’s Skateboard Park Final | X Games Minneapolis 2017

Watch the full broadcast of the Toyota Men’s Skateboard Park Final at X Games Minneapolis 2017.

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  1. skateboard park? Looks more like one big bowl to me. Not one "park" style obstacle what so ever. 100% vert and transition… parks are supposed to have a mix of everything, little vert, some rails and ledges, maybe a stair set.. this is not "park" skating.

  2. X games is trash now. Sk8board and bmx park is cool. They need to bring back some of the insane stuff back. Inline is refined and making a comeback. How about surfing, wingsuiting…etc. Back in the 90s the Xgames was a super hype adrenaline junkie paradise full of headbanging maniac fans almost moshing in the stands


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