Full Video of Police Chase With Toronto Rappers K-Money and Casper TNG

Toronto rapper K-Money and his older brother Casper have both plead guilty to weapons and related charges after a shooting and chase with the police back in …

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  1. So my family is from Southside Chicago me and my little sister were born there 1st time I've ever seen a peace and brass knucks was in the 6th grade the 7th and the 8th graders will try to recruit the 4th to 6th grades in elementary school we got a security guard cause someone snitched on my nigga that fucking rodent anyways we would all line up and our security school guard in elementary school made everyone line up and he would swipe us with a metal detector I swear on my life

    BTW I know a few OG's in Toronto because my family moved out of Chicago to Toronto in 03 anyways the OG's here have no idea that the Crips are affiliated with the GD 7/4 folk nation blue flag another thing to Toronto cabs don't have bulletproof windows like in Chicago


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