Girl Skateboards "Doll"

Girl Skateboards Presents “Doll”

Niels Bennett & Griffin Gass

Sean Malto
Andrew Brophy
Mike Carroll
Rick McCrank
Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco
Simon Bannerot

With Appearances By
Cory Kennedy
Jeron Wilson
Brandon Biebel
MikeMo Capaldi

In this witty, satirical farce, secretaries Niels Bennett and Griffin Gass along with Simon Bannerot, Tyler Pacheco, Sean Malto, Andrew Brophy, Rick McCrank and office manager Mike Carroll live every female worker’s dream after discovering they share the same resentment towards their egotistical, sexist boss. When they get an unexpected chance to take revenge, they turn their male controlled workplace into a model office – even as their scheme spins wildly out of control.

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Comment (47)

  1. the new guys r all AMAZING! Niels and Griffin have real distinctive styles and refreshing trick selection, too. Great work, Girl. I have been following since what happened to Paco and Mouse steez. Girl used to be the PINNACLE of pro street skating; times have changed but with these ams on board the future looks bright…and good to see u left Corey on- the last thing he needs is rejection after what he's been through, it proves Girl is a family, huh? Not the same without Koston, though…quit "Numbers" and get back on Girl, Koston…and Mariano- wait, what is Mariano's board sponsor? anyone? why would u leave Girl, they look like they have so much fun "working", LOL. damn MONEY complicates everything.


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