GRAPHIC ENDING To Police Chase in California

Viewer discretion advised.

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  1. This commentator needs to get a dictionary and look up the word “Graphic”. Nothing at all graphic about this video. I’ve seen Saturday morning cartoons more graphic than this!

  2. The reporter is such a dumb azz, I mean he's like they're both shooting out the window (only the guy was shooting), then she does not want to comply and keeps on walking backward, Mr Dildo hello.. (the cops tell people to walk back towards them Duh!) If they're going to say what they think is happening when it's not happening like they say then they should just shut up and put a 3rd grader to talk, it be a better live report.

  3. am i the only one who noticed that the blue truck got shot up during the shootout?! it never moved. it looks like it was from the angle of the cops covering the rear driver side. or possibly the passenger of the prius. i read a comment stating the the suspect was trying to die and take people with him. sad. oh and horrible reporting.

  4. I give a thumb's down because Sky Fox pulled away from us all see this cop killer being blown away. Let us see these police killers…get shot. Public wants to see police officers…"take out the trash" of our streets and neighborhoods.


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