Great White shark feeding | Wildlife Specials: Great White Shark | BBC

David Attenborough narrates this BBC Clip from a Wildlife Special which shows how to research and film Great White Sharks at feeding time.

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  1. You Know to be honest with you I’ve actually been out to the Farallon Islands Three Times To Be Exact in my Life Beginning In 2004, 2008, and Then for the very last time in 2013 and where in which I’ve actually never come across nor have ever noticed a Fully Grown Great White Shark Out there Before although I’ve come to find each and every one of these Journeys Both Exciting And Amazing In Up Close And Personal Detail But all To Incredibly Mysterious And ChillBinding all of the same and where and while due to the very fact that the Farallon’s are all to very Mysterious in both Formation And Up close viewing and also to note that just the very feeling of Great White Sharks inhabiting the Surrounding Areas just gives me the feeling of being viewed up close and personal with them at best !

  2. I've been out to the farallon islands 3 times before and have never had a chance to see any of the great white sharks around there either surfacing nor feeding on the elephants seals residing there !

  3. Sharks have good vision but they don't know there are people on the boat. They just see something in their environment and they're curious about it, bumping it and trying to bite it.

  4. Then they should have known better then. In another docudrama here on YT, one of these bright shark experts fell into the water while invetigating these sharks from a research boat.


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