GTA V Horse Racing Glitch PC

I know there are already a bunch of videos about this. But I watched about 5 of them and every single one was 2+ minutes of the uploader just asking for likes …

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  1. Don't trust any of this. The horse races are now rigged somehow so that you always lose no matter what. I've done about 30 races betting on the high odds and they've only ever placed in 5th or 6th. Fuck off, sproins.

  2. is anyone else getting DC'd after the 3rd win? for me I am having DC issues where the game is kicking me from session. Error is FAILED TO JOIN SESSION, and it boots me back to story after I get my 3rd glitch

  3. Thanks for the on point video. Really appreciate it. Already gone through several crappy youtubers with the usual 1 min loud as frag intro, 5 mins adverts and "hit like sub blah blah bullshit", 7 mins talking about how much they have made with it, and finally the 2 mins to actually explain how it works…. On their PS4, and not PC wich I was looking for.


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