H3 On Shane Dawson's Conspiracy Documentary

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  1. Dude. Saying there’s no way is like assuming that everyone is a good fucking person cuz let’s face it this place is a damn scam and I really wouldn’t doubt if they used other pieces left over idk why that’s such a wild thing to comprehend

  2. I loved it as a kid but I always thought the pizza was disgusting. It just tasted awful. I used to collect as many balls as possible and put them in the corners of certain tunnels and some how manage to get several other kids to join in and see how many balls we could fill in to piss off other kids. Shit was fun man.

  3. I'm not even saying this because I'm a fan of his I'm saying this to be honest, Shane can get away with having really long videos because of how funny interesting and entertaining he is, not many influencers can I have videos that long and have people still on the edge of their seats but he's the type of person that can

  4. at least the original chuck e cheese wasnt photoshopped to be friendly looking, young/skinny or sugarcoated in any way.. it was a big sweaty ugly creepy fuckin RAT..epic musical bit too. 😂

  5. Lol I worked at Chuck E. Cheese 14 years ago as a server and behind the merch counter. Random employees dressed up as Chuck (I had it in my contract that I will NEVER dress up as Chuck and they were fine with that lol).

    The pizzas ARE made to order. The dough is pre-made, then the kids in the back dress it with the sauce and toppings, then they cook it and cut it. We never did anything with the old pizzas other than throw them out lol. It’s gross to preserve them things. If it was a whole pizza that never made it out on the floor, we’d just eat it after work or during our lunch break.

    And the fights? Folks have been stabbed and shot at ones in Brooklyn and Harlem. Folks usually fight over something that happens between their kids or something goofy like that.

    But Kids Love Chuck E Cheese! Lol

  6. For me Shane is kind of mainstream so I knew he wouldn’t really deal with real “conspiracies” and that’s a shame but I understand because a lot of people are not ready to actually open their minds but at least he did a soft form of it that can help people think differently

  7. Shane's documentary videos are the equivalent of the current Discovery/History Channel 'documentaries' about long distance pawn shop haggling or whatever the fuck and edited the same

  8. I enjoy your podcast, but honestly found it through your episode with Shane. He is amazing and I could watch him all day. 2 hours wasn’t long enough. Do not agree with your opinion on this at all. I find myself fast forwarding a lot of your podcast because it is so slow. Shane is entertaining from beginning to end. Stop the Shane shaming.


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