Hairdresser Reacts To Worst Bleach Fail Ever

Hi Beautiful! This must be the worst bleach disaster I’ve ever seen in my life. I didn’t even know what to say. Shop XMONDO Hair:

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  1. I didn’t know this was gonna be the same girl….. 😦 after the 1st time she should’ve went to a professional. Why would she set herself up like that? At one point you gotta realize to stop. Like yeah her friends are just as bad but girl it’s YOUR HAIR!

  2. All the people here hating on her friends: they are teenagers. Teenagers do dumb shit. I hat like 400 haircolours at the same time at 15. As long as the dying was fun nobody cared. It's just hair. It'll grow back and they'll forever have that story to laugh about. Y'all need to cool it and have some fun.

  3. Clearly none of them knew what they were doing including the girl who this happened to. She has to have some accountability. If she did the research she’d know her friends shouldn’t have bleached it so much. She’d know not to brush it so hard. She should have just gone to a professional.

  4. Fuck those girls!!! They’re are NOT her friends. They’re evil! They kept messing with her hair KNOWING they should stop, and were laughing ??? I would never even risk anything on a friends hair. You know when to stop because you care about them. Fuck those girls.

  5. She's apparently still friends with them and defended their actions. She said "we were young and did dumb sh*t". It's her choice in the end, even if none of us agree with it.

  6. I use this but only the roots and only 20 minutes, + i have natural light hair maybe around 7 and it's a very cold tone, and i always color my hair blue so only need to bleach and color the roots and recolor the rest with only the blue because i only need a little bit of bleach on the roots for the blue dye to be able to stay on, so i only use it where i haven't used it before, and only enough for the semi permanent dye to stay on, but would never recommend it to be used if you want blond hair, never to overlap, and never for more than 20 minutes 😅 even if you do it like i do, i would still never recommend it 😅

  7. First video, girl getting the brush in gave me a heart attack 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 the video gave me anxiety and idk what now….god I could hear my heart damn!!!!!

  8. ENOUGH of the box bleach. I get that not everyone can afford the good stuff, but gosh. You can get a container about the size of a pickle jar at Sally’s for about 13 bucks.🙄😑

  9. Usually we have a good laugh at these videos but this one was just uncomfortable. I've never seen Brad so serious before. Also I hope that girl got new friends, those people (except the one at the end) are bad for her.

  10. 7:26 is common sense🤔. I love my hair and I feel like crap when my hair is not done to my satisfaction. If you could not dye my hair properly the first time that would definitely be the last time you touch a strand of hair on my head. I would be worried about my hair falling out.


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