(HD) State Troopers Pulling Over Exotic Cars

We met up early in the morning and took a nice drive to Captree State park, only to find out that we were being swarmed by NY State Troopers. Check out some …

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  1. dec 13 2015  same  speedtrap    on the meadowbrook  and  ocean parkway….take it  slow  to gilgo….then 140+ to OBI……….. going home  over the  bridge  at 100+…  then speed limit  to the  sunrise…………….

  2. I hate state troopers just like everyone else who is commenting, but they were pulled for a reason.

    Literally the first turn the camera-car makes is illegal, goes from far left across into the turn. People don't watch for cars doing that which can cause an accident. — Second infraction comes shortly after while merging into the highway lanes. — Third is the race between the lambo and the BMW ..

    I do the same kind of shit in my car but when I get pulled I own up to it, I don't sit there and go "Oh, you guys have nothing better to do." much in the same way that I don't walk into a car dealership and complain when the sales reps swarm me because they make commission on each sale. It's their job to enforce the law, so don't get mad at them.

  3. Yea yea fuck them, they are just trying to make a quota and who ever thinks tints are dangerous for cops is retarded because when you get pulled over first thing you should do is roll the window down before the officer gets out of his car, people that don't well the officer should have his gun ready! Duh! New York is getting worse and worse with car customizations and now we have California emissions. Bull shit what ever happened to sports cars now most people drive a fucking hybrid and are suckers to the government


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