Here's The Monthly Payment For My Lamborghini and Why I Financed

Ever wonder what the monthly payment is for a lamborghini huracan or gallardo? In this video i go into detail about my car payment, and on top of that I give you …

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  1. First off, the property's cashflow doesn't really help you with the $2176.07 monthly payment, so I think there's probably a better angle here. But of course you still have 80k in the bank to make payments with, at your own pace. Also, using some of your numbers, and adding in appreciation, you may make anywhere from $20-50k profit on that house in 4 years. And of course, you've probably deducted the Lamborghini as a partial business expense.

  2. U are making 25% annual ROI on down-payment which is ridiculous.. Plus if the market is right it will give u capital gains.. That is why everyone should invest in real estate.. Plus u get tax brakes through depreciation..

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  4. You say you're cash-flowing from your rental investment, which basicaly cancels out the car loan
    but do you reinvest the cash flow into the property or use it to your account to get more deals and expand that way? Relying mostly on just cash to your account TO look at more deals, and then relying on appreciation to sell the houses eventualy?

  5. Very interesting vid, and congrats on the Lambo! I also believe in making your money work for you, but I do lean towards purchasing a car slightly used and with cash. I guess mainly as a safety net, i.e. in case all hell breaks loose and I went broke, at least my car wouldn't get repossessed.

  6. I'm a cash guy and follow Dave Ramsey, but I can also see where this is a somewhat palatable compromise and minimizes risk. I like what you did by putting down at least 50% instead of financing a huge portion of the purchase. A Lamborghini is a toy, not a necessity, so you at least have some considerable skin in the game.

  7. Hey Bryan I have a question for you.
    My fiance and I have no debt and we are about to graduate college. We are getting married in may and after the wedding and honeymoon we will have together 20-25K cash after our downpayment on a townhouse. My plan has always been to invest my money very wisely but in an orderly fashion. I want to pay off my home first so if the economy ever tanks I will always have a place to call home no matter my income. I will take us 18-24 months to pay off the townhouse in full. My question is do you think we should invest more instead of tackling the mortgage or should I play it safe and pay it off then invest much more with peace of mind? I am 21 and she is 22. Please let me know what you think and congrats on the great car!!

  8. Unless its an owner occupied property you are not taking a 30 year mortgage (25 year only for investors such as yourself), nor are you getting a 4% interest rates, rates for investors are around 5.5-6%. Your numbers are way off. Your also missing two major factors in your expense such as insurance & taxes which are going to be guaranteed and must be your expense sheet.

  9. I agree with the most part, and I am also looking into invest some properties, but I want to know if a 100K property is worth it? There probably will be some vacant period, and how about HOA, Insurance and property tax? After those expense how much will you get for each month?

  10. Yea I think leveraging debt is a fantastic idea. It’s only a bad idea if you don’t know how to manage debt and suck at paying bills every month, then the best option for you is to go debt free and don’t buy what you can’t afford in full.

  11. Instead of using the remaining profit from the left over cashflow to pay off the loan, you just pocket it for future investments/other things? Is it better to do this or pay off the loan asap?


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