Here's Why Dogs Jump on You When You Get Home (Plus 49 Other Meanings Behind What They Do)

Since dogs can’t talk, it is tough to know what they are thinking. It is also difficult to understand why they do the things they do. Fortunately, there are a few …

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  1. If anyone has watched the movie "Meet the Parents" Robert De Niro said it best when describing Dog people v/s cat people.
    When I was a kid I liked dogs but now that I'm an adult, I get very annoyed by their presence and dislike them no matter how cute they look.
    I guess I'm like this because I'm not a Needy person and I'm a happy introvert.

  2. No they don't eat poop to "keep their area clean"
    It's bc their food is too rich & they're unable to fully digest it, so see it as food. Or it's a learned behavior done from anxiety or other issue.
    Change their diet first, then if that doesn't work, train them to leave it alone & bag it immediately.

  3. Intense staring is due to feeling threatened. Not just by looking at our expressions. A dog threatens by staring intensely – which also means, that a dog that's not barking at you from the other side of the fence but just stares at you, means business – don't interact with it.


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