Here’s Why Everyone Hates the Mercedes-AMG GLE63 Coupe



The Mercedes-AMG GLE63 Coupe is very controversial — and most people hate it. Today I’m reviewing the GLE63 AMG Coupe to show you why so many people hate it, and I’m taking you on a comprehensive tour of the GLE63 Coupe.

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  1. SUV's are cancer, i don't know why people buy them, they have less storage space than wagon, ride is harsher due to higher weight centre, offroad usage is non existant since most of them don't have proper 4×4 drivetrain, only this FWD/AWD conversion that get's stupid after get stuck in mud and starts behave like any car with open differential , they're big on the road and take a lot of space, and you can't see shit if you have one in front of you

  2. Didn’t even finish watching. I came to find out if there’s a real reason why ppl hate this car. And I find out that this dude just making shit up. Who are the people? How many? They hate it cuz it has 4 doors but called a coupe? You are a douche that just got yourself a last click from your trashy clickbait channel.

  3. Love this vehicle and the trending SUV coupe hatch back vehicles coming out more and more. They are sedan / suv styling very cool and practical alot of SUV's remind me of station wagons. I am a huge fan of this styling its no wonder all car companies are building this type of vehicle now. I completely disagree with this poster.


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