How many skiers can you spray while snowboarding? | MiniShredits S2E4 Seppe Smits vs Matt McCormick

►Watch the latest episode of MiniShredits:
Watch Seppe Smits and Matt McCormick spray skiers and flip their brains out in the latest episode of MiniShredits.
The idea behind MiniShredits is to get two world-class freestylers to battle it out over one fun challenge, with zero pressure.

In this latest episode, Henry Jackson hosts a slopestyle contest with a difference… no jumps or rails, just natural side hits and a light dusting of fresh powder. It’s a top-to-bottom challenge where the riders build up a score by pulling as many flips and powder face shots as possible… with bonus points awarded for spraying stationary skiers!

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Comment (28)

  1. As a professional company I don’t think you guys should be posting stuff like this. It’s funny for a regular channel but I feel like some level of composure should be kept by such a large brand

  2. And you wonder why skiers don't like snowboarders. Most of you just leaf down the hill, getting in the way of the skiers who were there first. Snowboarders are like scooter kids, and I push them down whenever I see one


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