How much Tall Guy Car Reviews makes on Youtube

In this video, I will show you the estimate of how much money does Tall Guy Car Reviews make on YouTube.

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  1. Funny thing is all you turds who hit the subscribe button pay all his bills 😂😂 nobody wants a real job but everyone wants to be a STAR ⭐️ nothing productive ever comes out of these you tubers, “smoking mirrors” everywhere. Wake up people!! ooh look at me I changed my exhaust, ooh look at me I just put a new wrap on my car, cop pulls me over driving out of the dealer 😂 comical. IQ of these chat rooms does not break 60, pathetic…..

  2. He has to make more than that! if that is true, I need to go to the Mclarin dealership ASAP lol! I would have guessed that he makes at least $200 to $300k per year on the low end. If that's what he makes in LA, those meal preps will be Ramon noodles soon!

  3. Tall guy keep it up sir have seen haters coming from woodwork trying to put you down in order to build there channel through your name but always your ten steps a head all the best


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