How to Afford a Lamborghini (without being a millionaire)

I want to teach you how to buy your first exotic car in the next 90 days WITHOUT being rich. Click here to learn how:

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  1. Honestly, just buy a car that's basically done depreciating with decent miles on it and drive it for a while. Sell it when you want. Yea you still lose money on insurance, maintenance, etc but it should be much more affordable.

  2. Well anyone could afford a Lamborghini car
    The price is not really a big deal for such a supercar $500k? No problem

    The problem is maintenance, service the car for like 3 times and enough to buy you another car its insane

  3. Summary;
    Step One; somehow buy a car worth $200K for $150K.
    Step Two; drive it and PRAY nothing breaks
    Step three: sell it for $150K to some uneducated guido with too much of moms money.

    Here is a #protip – how to live in a $20,000,000 mansion. buy one for $10M and sell it for $15M in a year. BOOSH! because of homes and stuff, bro!! so, can I charge you $10 for my brochure?

  4. Ok I buy a Honda accord 30k
    Drive it 3 years sell it for 15k
    30-15=15K LOSS
    Gallardo for 100k
    Drive it for 3 years sell it for 85k
    100-85=15k loss
    What the hell is the difference?

  5. Such misleading advice, He is assuming you can resell the car for more than the dealer could sell it. If a dealer drops the price by 50K it is because he has over priced the car, or he would not drop the price. So NO YOU WON'T be able to sell it for a profit. He talks about ANYONE can afford these cars then tell you maybe you don't have the means. Here in Massachusetts insurance would be around $700 per month with a clean driving record, Cars like this are insured higher based on horsepower. another thing he doesn't mention is Excise taxes here in Boston a car like a Gallardo would be about $1,800 a year you also pay gas guzzler taxes and need frequent oil changes.

    Very bad advice

  6. Not unless I had the cash to pay for it, and about the car's value in additional cash for emergencies and maintenance… That's only after the 10,000 other things I needed to get accomplished got done FIRST!

  7. It’s not rocket science on how to get a Lamborghini. All you need is good to excellent credit and make enough money to be able to afford the car payments and insurance.

  8. The difference is upkeep cost best to buy a vette brand new for 75k then to get a older 04 lambo remember u might end up lambroke with the replacement. Repairs.and Maintenancecost that's why the rich guys sell it for cheap to trying to look rich. Just be average with less ego and buy something better and newer for 75 k


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