How To Feed 100 Dogs at Once

French dog handler at Chateau Chevernay feeds a large, well disciplined group of hunting dogs.

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  1. I can see the convenience in simply placing a large portion of food out and having all the dogs go through the gate into the area to eat, and the area itself looks fairly clean as in I see no fecal matter around.  But I also feel that there are some problems which can arise with this method of feeding as well as how they have chosen to house this many dogs. First off, with this large a number of dogs I do not see how they can measure the amount each dog is eating or be able to monitor intake to assess health of individual dogs. If dogs are eating less or not at all due to abnormalities in their condition, they would not have much of a chance of realizing this until symptoms quite possibly became worse and it is very apparent that something is wrong. Secondly, this area is not sufficient space for housing this many dogs, especially when they are closed off from the feeding area. There is so little space for all of them to go into the area to eat, that they are stumbling over themselves and risking injury. Third, there is a matter of hygiene and health. So many dogs in insufficient space leaves a larger chance of contagions due to fecal matter and other waste products. With this many dogs defecating, urinating, and possibly contracting illnesses or parasites from elsewhere, negative pathogens can spread quickly throughout this large group of dogs which are in close proximity, especially if people are not doing their utmost in keeping the space they are in clean consistently. But even if they are keeping the area clean as best they can, this way they are choosing to feed all these dogs can also lead to food contamination. With that many dogs going into a frenzy to eat and get their fill, we see them stepping all over their food. The feet of some dogs definitely had to have stepped in waste at some point being in such a limited space with a large number of other dogs. This small concrete area with no grass, dirt, or much space for the dogs to go is not a good practice overall, and while it may be a bit more convenient for the people involved and will get the dogs by, it is not what is truly best for the dogs.  If they do not have the space, time, or other means to accommodate this many dogs, then they really should consider limiting the number of dogs they have.

  2. What cages? I saw a couple of gates — no cages. There's no cruelty here; just a lot of dogs waiting to eat. From the look of them, none of them are starving. . .

  3. Seems kinda cruel if u ask me. Each dog deserves the same amount of food rather then battleiing to make his way to the food pile.. for a dog trainer u think he'd be more away of have cruel this is.. 🙁

  4. @andysepul1 well that's good to know. i was hoping each dog was able to get food, i mean what if one dog in the back finally gets to the food and it's all gone


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