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Operating instructions for the Ferrari California T ================== More Info: Call Anytime: 866-585-8161 Email Us: …

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  1. I want to win the trip to L.A for my 4 and 6 year old we love the So Cool Fam ❀ it would mean so much to us to meet them in person we watch all of their videos i love showing them black people that are successful(No offence to anyone) and I love to see people that came from nowhere doing good they are truly #Goals….. my son is 4 years old soon to 5 ( jan 5th) and he LOVVVVVEEESSSS cars i mean SOOOOO MUCH I can't describe it like how a women loves bags or shoes lol by the time he was 3 he knew his cars he used to always say that's grandma car that's grandpa car and I used to think like this little boy is crazy (because the cars were totally different) but when I started to pay attention it was the same brand of cars and not the same kind (If that makes since) when we get rides to places i ask him where is so and so car because I do not know my cars he loves to inspect cars he looks at the front then go to the side then the back looking at every detail then tries to open a stranger door to see the inside lol before he could control YouTube he would always say I wanna watch car videos so I would play the Atlanta car shows for him( I didn't know what else to play) for us to meet cj and his family and my son to see your luxury cars would truly be a perfect gift and a blessing for us all imma post on all your videos to win this trip lol


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