How to Put On Your Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots might just look like big shoes, which makes them easy to put on, right? While they are certainly easier to get on and off than ski boots, there are some tricks and tips to putting on snowboard boots that will make sure you get the maximum level of comfort and performance.

The first step to trying on snowboard boots doesn’t even have to do with the boots themselves – it’s making sure that you have proper socks. We recommend proper wool or synthetic snowboard socks. These socks wick moisture away from your feet, keeping them warm and dry. They also allow for a better fit.

Next, there are several steps to getting your feet set and comfortable in your snowboard boots. Once your feet are in, the steps to tighten your snowboard boots depend on the closure system – laces versus boa, or some combination of the two. Check out the video for these steps or head to our guide to putting on and trying on snowboard boots here:

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Comment (23)

  1. I snowboarded for a while but only with rented boards so I only was usted to the boa boot system and Now I got a used board from a friend and I didn´t know how to put on the boots with the quick pull system right so you kinda saved me 😀

  2. I prefer Traditional lacing system. All you need is spare shoe laces. Seen boa and fast lacing system breaks on the ski field which make owners get really frustrated. They have to go back to the shop and either buy or borrow shitty ones. It sucks to tighten up when it's too cold I know but I think it's best for my style.

  3. Tfw I've been a horrible instructor by being a bad role model to my students by wearing Elites…
    He also didn't push the tongue down, which contributes to a loose boot. PUSH YOUR TONGUE DOWN!

  4. Iunno, kind of a pointless video IMO. The most important thing about snowboard boots is trying as many pairs as you can that fit your feet and are comfortable. Something that fits someone else's foot might feel horrible on yours which was my exact experience. I had to try on at least 8 different boots in varying sizes before finding the one that fit perfect for me. So getting out into the store and trying them on is the best way to buy boots.

  5. A snowboard product video with a presenter who is articulate and polished and actually seems professional? The House should take notes…even though this video didn't have very much content-wise. 

  6. They should retire the traditional lacing system; it is just so inefficient compared to the boa system. I had a pair of boa boots for a couple of years, and when I switched back to the regular system it was really frustrating.


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