How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

Feral cats may not want to be near you, but they’re still great moms for their babies! This video shows how you can give feral cats a safe space to raise their young. While the kittens can be socialized and adopted, a feral adult cat cannot be socialized and does not want to be indoors. The safest and best place for them is outdoors – after they have been spayed and vaccinated.

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First few songs are by d3tails:
Last song is “Hushed” by Lanterns (licensed)

Take a trap, neuter, return (TNR) class:
Kitten and mom trapping scenarios:
Fostering feral cats safely:

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  1. My pit bull died downstairs and now the off spring(his name is king) won’t go no wear near the stairs and he won’t touch the cage, he howled to try to reach her downstairs and then he started crying

  2. Releasing a feral cat back into the wild is the dumbest thing you did. Feral cats wreck havok on local fauna and can decimate their populations. Cats are a pet and should not be kept outside where they can and do kill birds, squirrels, lizards and any animal their size and smaller. They are voracious eaters and relentless predators.
    Releasing her back outside did no good whatsoever.
    Australia has a rampant feral cat problem just from people doing just what you did.

  3. My cat had 2 twin boys and one black with grey stripes girl, and one of the boys eyes are infected, more like both of his eyes are infected. Ones sealed shut with some dry goo, and the other is half open with wet goo. Any tips on how to make the infection go away?

  4. Many animals leave their youngs after they´ve grown, basically, out enough to be on their own. We humans do not. Because of our strong, panternal and maternal bonds with out children. Generally, disallowing us to just abandon our children. We dont see them as competition when they rae grown old nor as enemys (generally speaking. We are to complex and different. Also alot of shitty people).
    Also we are pack animals and will pack bond with anything that either comes from us or we feel a strong connection to. Even from the slighest of bits of contact.
    How do you guys think we domesticated dogs. We both realized we are rather similar and thus: Dog domestication was born.

    Guys its no big deal. nature evolved that way and it turns out its ok for them. Theres a reason why felines and birds mostly seperate each other after some time.
    If you want happy family time watch whales (Orcas to be specific, as many whale-species seperate aswell), wolves, generally speaking any herd animals…Thats where you get human-like connections between parents and their children. Not with cats, birds, reptiles, etc.

  5. Very beautiful! 😍 BUT it's not true that she has to be brought back to the wild… You can tame a feral cat. And it will become very happy. I experienced it with an extremely feral cat that I had… He was the most complicated cat I've ever seen. But in the end he was so grateful and happy and relaxed… You should never give up on feral cats. They deserve love, too. ♥️

  6. Thank you for this wonderful video, I've fostered a mom and her kittens before, the mother actually became an indoor cat she was so friendly. Can you tell me the type of camera you are using on them?

  7. Huh, nitwit? Don't flatter yourself. Getting kittens while the female is already in a compromised position, is the easiest thing in the world to do. Otherwise, feral cats come out of the starting gate, already consider you their
    enemy right off the bat. Cats will, and do, run with every other critter in the world, and stay away from you. They don't trust you. Why should they? Therefore, there is no comprehensive TNR program, in the
    dump city of the ignorant, in which you live. And by comprehensive, I'm
    not talkin' about a couple of women walking around once in awhile, when
    it's convenient, and putting down some cheap havahart traps either.

  8. I have 4 cats that were born feral,and only became tame after they were grown adults. I was feeding them every day behind shopping center dumpsters in a rural area,and one by one,at different times,they just came up and started doing figure 8's around my legs and purring. This cat was probably 3 or 4 years old at the time and had never even got close enough for me to touch her before.
    So I picked her up and took her home in a cardboard box. A week or so later I discovered she was pregnant and having problems. Took her to the vet,and the vet did an emergency C section and delivered 9 kittens. Only 1 lived,and he died about a week later despite me bottle-feeding him.
    She is laying in the floor sleeping right next to my chair now,and she is rarely more than a few feet from me when I am in the house. Open the door,and she will run and hide.
    Smart cat.
    The other three have similar stories. I have two in my workshop and 2 in the house to catch snakes and mice. I live in a very rural area,and even though most people don't realize it,cats are sudden death on snakes and love eating them. Try taking a dead snake away from them,and they snarl.


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