How To Snowboard Fast and In Control

Wanna snowboard fast but can stay in control? Snowboarding fast is all about being in control, having strong body positions and having the ability to stop super fast. Learn all the skills you need to go fast my doods. Share it with a friend if you find it helpful.
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Comment (39)

  1. Xavier Delerue speaks about disconnect the lower body and the upper body so that you upper body face down the slope while lower body stays perpendiculaire. I'm getting confused. Help ? 😛

  2. Thank you so much I've looked through so many videos and could find any helpful videos to help be better understand how not to slip out when trying to slow down and then I found your video👍

  3. Was in Copper last week and reached 30 mph at most. I was afraid because the board started skipping when I tried to slow down. Now I know why, but I have to wait a whole year to try this since I live in Puerto Rico 😁.

  4. I love this guy!
    I went snowbording for my first time two days ago and i will admit i did pretty good but im terrefied to go back more then i was to go in the first place. With that being said it really was the time of my life. After watching this i know i have to go back 😭 lol. Still scared but i want to be that good

  5. Phenomenal content! I had taken a break from youtube, but am so glad to be back here because I’m just binge watching your content. I’m curious as to what kind of boards do you recommend for people that want to do mini jumps for someone who is 6,2 and 210lbs. The board I have now is 158 but is super heavy and doesn’t have a lot of flex. Is there something you’d recommend for me to look out for in the next big purchase?

  6. One tip I use my self is to look further down the run. Dont look down too close to your feet. You'll freak your self out. Its kinda of like when you learn to drive a car. The faster you're going to further ahead you should look.

  7. OMG, where is your safety belt? So many people in the world suck. People who ski and snowboard suck much less because they are in control of their lives.


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