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In this video I’m on the most difficult chairlift in Whistler and I’ve got some tips for surviving the chairlift on your snowboard. Before you attempt the chairlift you want to practice your one footed skating and stopping. This is important for getting to the chairlift, but most importantly for getting off the chairlift. When your ready for the chairlift it’s a good idea to watch others get on it first, so you know what to expect. When you get to the front of the chairlift line, follow the chair as it passes in front of you, up the the loading line. From here the chairlift will come behind you and you can sit down, with your snowboard still on the snow. For safety make sure you always pull the safety bar down. While riding the chairlift you can rest your snowboard on your free foot for comfort. When you’re close to the top of the chairlift, get ready by lifting the bar up, sitting a bit sideways and ready for the ground to come to your snowboard. When the ground comes to you, stand up and snowboard straight with one foot until you’re ready to drag your toe and stop. For more tips for your fist day of snowboarding, check out the beginner snowboarding playlist. Thanks for watching!


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  1. I’ve been told by instructors that I have the most complicated falls (off the lift) they’ve ever seen. I don’t care so much about fallling – it’s more that it’s become a vendetta to be able to do get off correctly consistently. Big fan of the gondola!! I’m learning to board in my late 40s… wish I’d learned as a kid when there’s no less fear and no job to be at (intact) on Mondays. Love these videos. Wish o could take lessons in person!

  2. I have taken 3 days of lessons. got ready for the chair – oh…. I failed! I could not ski on the board or stop. So, thank you for this video. Going to try again.

  3. Resting the board on my free foot is awesome! However, my right boot is getting a little frayed due to the snowboard edge rubbing up against it. Any tips or products that exist out there to help me with this?

  4. Mann i'm beginner (obvious) and I was so stupid, I was on the good row and decided to sit early in the middle so the other ones couldnt find their places in time and whe where swooped off the platform. I felt so embarrassed. 😅

  5. Resting your board on your boot can fray your boot stitching as it slides and vibrates along it. Tuck/wedge your boot under your binding for a more secure hold as less chance to fray your boot

  6. Tip:
    Sit on the very right side if your left foot is still in and very left if your right foot is in it. Then, once on the lift, take the strap near the ankle of the open one and attach it to the arm rest/ bar. Your leg won’t hurt from holding the board. (Just make sure to undo it before you get off)

  7. The first time I went on a chair lift my board caught on the snow and started dragging on the ground remember to point the board forward when getting on I am surprised I didn’t break my leg

  8. I went boarding today, my cousin was with me on the skiis. When we needed to go down, his skii stick went under my board, I fell down on my knees and the chairlift hit my back…jeez haha, my knees and back hurted so baad…

  9. I want to add, I see a lot of beginners (including my self) holding on for dear life at the end, then it forces them to lean back and it makes them slide out and fall. Put your hand on the seat and not behind it at the and, it will fix a lot of falling issues.

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