How To Train ANY Dog a RELIABLE Come And Stay ANYWHERE!

Come and Stay are very important dog skills! This video is sponsored by PetFlow! Get your dog’s food automatically shipped so you never have to worry about it …

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  1. Hi, i'm 14 years old and I really want a dog. Especially a German Shepherd. I have watch almost all of ur vids and i think I could handle to raise a GSD. But the problem is my parents. They think GSD is agressive and not good with "Kids". My parents are not very dog people and if we would get a dog. I would have take care of it, and I really think I can do that. Please help me I really want a dog "German Shepherd".
    BTW I love your vids

  2. Hi there Zak, I'm having some trouble with my puppy and his training. I've taught him the basics but the only problem is that he only follows the instructions of sit, stay , etc. only when I have a treat. What can I do to train him to follow without treats?

  3. Please really helpful because the leash that you got my dog kept on trying to leash that’s one of the reasons why we have to get rid of him we’re getting a new dog so that kind of help so I can go on that website and get one

  4. my dog doesn't listen to me with a harness on as good at home. especially that makes me have a hard time training him to stay at door when going out, what should I do

  5. Hey guys, I found a very cool course and I immediately started training. And I learned these things during the course … inside your dog – there's incredible intelligence as well and I've seen that in the hundreds of dogs that I've worked with once it opens that intelligence.

    Most behavior problems simply melt and become stronger with you and your dog. To find out more, email me and I will help you and tell you everything

    [email protected]

  6. I need some help. I'm pratically flooded with work from school and I can't make time to train our dog, I would tell my family what he needs help in but they don't listen (execpt my cousin). They don't have the patience to properly train him nor do they spend enough time with him outside. I'm worried this might affect him, can anyone tell me how should I approach this issue or should I leave the way it is?
    Note: I'm in highschool and I'm conflicted on whats more important.

  7. I used to watch your videos all the time but I got bored with them because half of the video was just an advertisement and then it feels like the other half nothing is happening but you talking about things you could fix while they’re happening.

  8. I need help and I do not know what to do so this has been going on for a while but I have a 2 yo german sheperd and she is really sweet towards humans we love to take her to the park but she has really poor socializing skills towards other dogs I mean its really bad she likes to start the fights we even had to give away our other dog because of this (and also more) but I dont know I just need help. We asked for help with a trainer but she just said to walk ur dog around rhe dog park till she gets comfortable but im afraid she might get herself into a more agressive dog. Is their any sort of training I can do?

  9. Zak I need your help. I have a Labrador retriever and I want him to be able to walk without leash biting and harness biting. I have tried everything but he never stops biting even though he is 8 months old. He constantly ends up ripping them and that cost a lot for us to get a new one. If it is possible can you please make a video on how to prevent this?

  10. I can't help but think the title to this video is a bit inaccurate. No where in the video do you show how to teach any dog a reliable come and stay. You pull her with the leash until she is unsuccessful. That doesn't make any sense. The way to teach this is by getting successes, I think.

  11. Inertia’s over here catching 2 frisbees and my 1 year old golden retriever can only just about play fetch😅 if I throw a frisbee she gets it and lies down to chew it😂 we practicing though🏅

  12. We have a puppy coming this Friday and we've been watching this journey from the beginning. Watching Inertia grow has been so amazing and has motivate me to confidently train our new puppy with saying to myself "I can't do this". Thanks Zak, Inertia and brie of course for this educational and emotional trip.

  13. Hi Zak!
    Do you have a video about how to teach a dog not to pick up /eat poop and other stuff from the ground?
    It would be really helpful!
    Thank you for the videos i love them!

  14. My dog does the same thing. Once she fetches a ball, that’s HER ball and she won’t play with any others. I like it though because it means that she doesn’t go after any other dogs’ game of fetch at the dog park.

  15. Do you have a video specifically about training a puppy who lunges excitedly toward dogs when walking in public? My puppy becomes hyper focused on the other dog and will not listen at all. I try to get her to sit and stay when we are walking and there are others walking past us, I even get down to her level to try and keep her attention, but it almost feels as if I don't exist in those situations because of the excitement. As far as engagement, it's about 50/50, especially in these times, people are hesitant to let our dogs meet, rightfully so. I would just like to have a better control over my pup and allow her to meet other dogs when it feels comfortable, not just go after every dog she sees. Any advice would be great. 🙂

  16. He taught me alot since I was 9 to now which I'm 11 and he's gave me a different perspective on dogs that they have feelings and not treat them as they were your pet but your best friend,because as long as you treat them with most love and respect and be responsible your going to have a great life with an even greater dog!


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