Huawei Mate 20 Pro Impressions: Underrated?

4 cameras. 3 colors. 2 materials. 1 notch. Yes, the title is a pun.

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  1. I have this phone and must say that this is an amazing phone, even now well after the release of the P30 Pro. I have the UAG back cover on this phone. I have Cerebral Palsy, so my hand functions are very limited. This phone is just the right size for my hands for ease of use. The face unlock is awesome to use. makes my life alot easier, works extremely well in low light conditions as well. Overall this phone is fantastic despite other "Higher" end phones currently out now…

  2. 2019, Apple.
    Ok, so we're going to copy that rear camera set up, but rathe than center it so it looks at least symmetrical and appealing, we're going to fuck it up by sticking it in the top corner there, savy?

  3. U Let me down this phone is more than a beast bro u were maybe hired by apple or something but dont ever talk about huawei being bad or something man am not a fan of huawei but still i bought it and i dont regret it period..

  4. I'm really annoyed by these "huawei fans" (I didn't think huawei had a fandom). He is giving his opinion about the phone and also it's expensive so it needs to be a good phone for people stop being toxic!


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