Hunt : Showdown – 1000 hours

1k hours, 6k kills, 1.5k deaths, 2k teamwipes. wish there were statistics for headshots and long range kills because i have quite a few of those as well.

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  1. "What a pussy" probably a new player without 1000 hrs. His goal as a bounty carrier is to escape. Your so damn good ands its a pleasure to watch you work. But your personality sucks, your a generic boring internet trash talker archetype. You could and should have 1 mil subs with your skills and editing. But your holding yourself back. Your good enough to make non meta stuff work, your saber video was the best. Step away from the min max

  2. You know I was in a game with him once with my friend, and he was too scared to come fight me and my friend 😛 We chased but he just ran and left. Course it could have been a fake, he does not seem to be the running type.

  3. How did you find a game with so many people? I have been playing this game sense first access and it is amazing and fun in so many ways but you sit in a lobby waiting and then you end up in a game with like 2 people or 0. Lol

  4. It's fun watching these moments, my buddy and I returned to the game recently and while we still love it. God have we become frustrated with the shotgun meta spam. Caldwell Rival was annoying enough but it's no longer a Precision game just due to that fact.


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