i didnt want to like it. GoPro 7; GREATEST EVER.

it does other stuff too. i just dont really care about live streaming. the app is finally great.. suppose i couldve mentioned that.

Intro song:
AllttA – AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) – https://soundcloud.com/alltta

all other music;
AllttA – AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) – https://soundcloud.com/alltta

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  1. Been using gopro7 black over 7months
    Fully utilize…
    It's tiny
    But superior performance.
    Try night mod
    Set protune on
    800 iso minimum
    30sec shutter

    You will be surprised how this small guy work magically.

    And yes waterproof! 😁😁

    Can't wait gopro 8 .. hopefully the size still the same..
    Otherwise I'll be damn…
    I have karma with me 😅

  2. I couldn't agree MORE. I've never owned a GoPro, but kayaking down the South Platte river in Denver this summer, and taking 7 different friends with me, I had to check one out. I LOVED it! Stabilization is amazing, voice commands while paddling hard is a necessity. I thought about returning it after the summer, but I will keep this little gem. Having my kayaking adventures recorded with my friends is priceless, and the still images captured, with free GoPro Quik software, from the video footage are extremely high quality.
    Check out "South Platte Kayaking 2019", for the Hero 7 Black QUALITY, definitely not my editing ability. Skip video #1 because I did NOT know how to set HD export settings yet.

  3. Hypersmooth is awesome but framerate limit is 60fps. For the water scenes where you want to slow down the action and shoot at 120fps or 240fps hypersmooth is not available. That's why the water slide scenes with slow mo are a little more jittery. Otherwise normal vlogging and action is awesome with hypersmooth.

  4. i brought my Go Pro Hero 7 Black more than 100 meters deep into the Philippine Ocean..you may check out the vid that i posted on my channel Casey. This action camera is the most durable and the best action camera so far.

  5. The sound quality is actually so good for a GoPro I definitely think you can vlog with the GoPro Hero 7 Casey

    And I love your videos so much Casey they are so well made and the effort you put in to editing these videos must be tremendous I tried it myself and it's so hard to do. Your so talented Casey.


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