I found 2 priceless race cars in a junkyard

Bill’s greatest car flip – https://youtu.be/cNNa-stnzfs Bill ran the ’75 Cannonball – https://youtu.be/Npb7Stj5-y0 Bill’s Super-Fly Ferrari Daytona …

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  1. Was a bit jealous hearing him tell about finding those two sports cars in a foreign car repair shop junkyard, but then I remembered walking past the local foreign car repair shop in my town back when I was in junior high, and did a double take when I looked in and saw a Porsche 904. I knew that car because I had built a model of it, and recognized it instantly. I wondered what it was doing here in the middle of the flat-as-a-pancake midwest, where the roads were as straight as the section lines on a map. Unfortunately, I was about 13 and didn't even have enough money to buy a bicycle.

  2. We bought a former Newman raced Lotus Esprit when I was restoring cars at the Barber Museum. When we were in the staff meeting, announced the purchase was made and the car was going to be restored, our gift shop manager (a mid 20’s young lady) did the exact same thing. “Paul Newman? The salad dressing guy?”

  3. I like what Bill questioned at the end. Will anyone know who Steve McQueen is in 30 years, and will the Bullitt Mustang still be worth all of those millions? Fame is indeed fleeting, and Steve has been gone since 1980. I still remember when he died. And how many people honestly knew who Ed Leslie was? I did, but I'd guess that most would have to look him up.

  4. This guy has some great stories could you just imagine spending some time with him and hearing the stories he can't tell here on YouTube. Oh man that would be the auction bid to win!!!

  5. "It's scared me to death"
    "Me too."
    This is why I have massive respect for these men.
    They knew well in advance that what they did was super dangerous, but they loved it and they put their harts and souls in it.

  6. You rich fucks are stupid with what you did with the car market. You created it but refused to regulateit because your a bunch of greedy assholes!!!!! I hope to God the Government puts such a hit on old cars like you ducks that make them inoperable on any road in the U.S. no matter what!!!! Fucking prices


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