Infowars WORST Joe Biden Ad (full blown Soros conspiracy)

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  1. Anyone who votes for Joe Biden who wants to defund the police departments is a total idiot. Yeah let's just let the world go crazy and start killing people and committing more crimes bc the cops won't be available!🤬😭😱

  2. Curious to see how far they can go on propaganda alone. “I love people and want to help them secure better rights” I plan to do this by “limiting people’s rights and freedoms”. LOL

  3. The irony here isn't Infowars is going full "MUH SORORS SAUDI GLOBALISM WW3" on Biden, it's the fact that a huge chunk of the anti-establishment progressive socialist Never Biden Bernie or Bust Red-Brown left is too busy pushing tje exact same nonsensical fascist propaganda to give a shit about those marginalized people who are the targets of the Trump-Miller regime of ethnic cleansing terrorists.

  4. Hilarious thing has been watching all of the Q-tards screech for months about how wearing a mask is going to kill them and send their soul to get raped by the devil. But Capt. Jackass wears one, now they're all like: "OMG! Gotta have one! So BOSS!"

  5. The Infowars thing is a multi level marketing scam. Maybe Alex Jones believes some of the crap he actually says, but it’s apparent in his deposition to police that it’s basically all a giant grift.


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