Inside a Carl Frampton sparring session with trainer Jamie Moore

Carl Frampton returns to the ring on August 10th after nine months away from boxing. #NoFilterBoxing went up to Manchester to see how he was getting on and got an inside look at how he’s preparing for his next opponent…

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Comment (43)

  1. The best little man i've seen in years is gervonta davis.carl is a talented box fighter but lacks top level power and defence.Davis has everything but his power and accuracy to land the big punches at the right time is second to none today.

  2. Carls a very good British box fighter …..typical of so many box fighters ….and there lies the problems …..they are predictable …….when they start getting beat they cannot adjust or change there style ……….don't get me wrong l like carl the fighter but where is the counter punching …or the pressure fighters head movement ….or the swop to southpaw ?……all easier said than done obviously !!

  3. Generally athletes retire the first time round, as they know in their heart it's time to quit. They're never the same when the come out of retirement ( psychologically or physically) a.k.a Hatton -Haye etc etc. He may make some pay cheques, but reached his peak a couple of years ago.

  4. Jamie Moore has really suprised me. Turning into a really intelligent trainer. Impressive, well thought out, interesting work.
    Can only do Frampton good.


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