Inside a Chinese 3D Printing Factory – in Shenzhen, China

Today we go inside a Chinese 3D printing factory in Shenzhen, Lexcent, to see their industrial SLA 3D printing operation. Not quite what we were expecting, but super interesting nonetheless!

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Old School Freestyle 2 – Andreas Ericson (licensed through Epidemic Sound)
Quantum by Blossom Learning (licensed through Art List)

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  1. Hi.. sir, I am from India manufacturing stainless steel pipes and tubes using tube mill. And I want to ask that by using metallic powder of stainless steel can we produce stainless steel pipes and tubes using 3-D printers which can be commerically used for industrial purpose and for construction purpose. can we get a metallic finish from 3-D printers?
    please do let me know.
    kushagra gupta

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