iOS 12 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?

Final & Ultimate iOS 12 Review. Finally Released, Should You Update? New Features, Speed, Hidden Features & More Before Updating!

iOS 12 vs 11 Speed Test:

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  1. My 6s is still on 10.3.1, the iPad air2 is 9.3.2 – I'll tell you why… after apple ruined my iPad 1 to 5.1.1 years ago which bricked it. Before that the iPad 1 was always faster than the iPad 2 we had. Have apple stopped the nonsense of slowing down or releasing brick updates yet?

  2. LOL no boy no. iOS 12 is not faster. Try side by side comparison of iPhone SE with original iOS 9 and iOS 12. Naive boy, you should know by now because you are a tech reviewer.

  3. Hey Apple did it again! I updated my iPhone 7 plus from ios 10 to ios 12 and bamn!! Now my perfectly working phone is now super slow…I guess I will have to buy new iPhone X now.


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