iPhone “Gates” Explained!

#beautygate. #chargegate. #bendgate. What do they all have in common?

Official Apple Antennagate statement: https://apple.com/newsroom/2010/07/02Letter-from-Apple-Regarding-iPhone-4/

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  1. I also too two selfies, one with the flash off and one it’s the flash on and I didn’t notice that beauty gate thing, and I compared both pictures while I was looking the mirror and they all look the same.

  2. There are people who are about performance… then there are people about camera's… and then there are people about the batteries. I personally am more about overall life of the whole charge rather than anything because if you don't charge your phone and you just… well, leave it then you basically got a small piece of wood in your pocket. (Reason why I say that is because phones weigh about as much as wood and they have about as much potential as wood when there dead.) That isn't saying that Camera's and Performance aren't important though. I just think charging and battery life are the most important things about phones.

  3. "warranty programs, insurance programs, apple care…" 😆 The first one should supercede the last two, but it doesn't. That's the problem. They act like a typical scummy warranty company.

    "you have to be able to hold that company … accountable" 😆 Yeah, by buying the hundred dollar apple care insurance from them because you know their warranty won't be honored.

    "Apple/Samsung has the best customer loyalty" … "they'll probably be back" 😆 Yes, and abusive husbands are usually able to keep their wives coming back. They never learn.


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