It Only Took Three Takes to Nail this Insane Snowboarding Followcam – Peace Park 2015

True story: it only took three takes to nail this incredible followcam shot featuring Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Ben Ferguson, Christian Haller, Greg Bretz, Jack Mitrani and countless more of today’s top riders ripping one of the most fun setups we’ve ever seen.

Watch the full Peace Park film here, presented by Mountain Dew and Burton Snowboards:

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Comment (33)

  1. so, trick-wise, not super impressive. but this is literally the best snowboard video I've ever seen. makes me wanna put my skates on and hit up some skate parks with a camera 😎👍

  2. I got so stoked when the half pipe came in i use to snowboard til i took a table top abit to slow and broke my tailbone its never been the same i mountain bike light to medium i gave up the snowboarding so sad how i miss it


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