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  1. I don't understand when will people understand that Husky's are not meant for hot weather. It affects their health and growth. Please google it if you don't believe. Just stop torturing them 🙏

  2. Nice initiatives….
    Belgium Shepard & long coat German Shepherd were superb…
    Obviously can't forget the Bully Kutta…just amazing. Was looking like a very young dog, he didn't mention the age…

  3. The dude with with the Pakistani mastiff litreally has not idea what is he doing. Has no control over this mastiff and that's not how you handle your dog. His second dog isn't original Tibetian mastiff. Most of the dogs I watched in the vidoe aren't well trained and the owners don't have control over them. And this is supposed to be a dog show

  4. Loin ko marna hoo hahaha can corso is gud breed but itna b pagal or attacked nai itna not huting …uske agge pit bull nai tik sakta hai…..thodi knowledge badaoo jo agge koi aisa mile usko b batto do hai time…


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