Japan Waist Deep Powder Snowboarding

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In this snowboard video we arrive in Niseko Japan and have our first day of riding waist deep powder. The forecast wasn’t calling for snow but once we arrived it snowed all night. We woke up to one of the deepest powder days snowboarding we’ve ever had in Japan. On this snowboard trip we’re out with a large crew and for some it’s their first time to Japan. Each of us has brought powder snowboard for the trip and we’ll be putting them to good use here in Niseko, Japan. For more powder snowboard video from Japan make sure to like and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Oh the same as home aye Andreas. No its not the same. No fun police on the mountain for starters. You know what that means? You are pretty much on your own safety wise. Japanese have a culture of self preservation. Thats totally different to where you are from. Wear a transponder even inbounds. We dug a guy out of a crevasse he was head first and fucked. Inbounds. You might want to talk a little about that before one of your new to snowboarding avid fans goes there gets buried and dies. Righto im off to hide under my bed now😁


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