JED IS CANCELLED?? (A Conspiracy)

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  1. This Bachelorette is the worst season! If Hannah was my daughter I would be so Embarrassed! It’s fine to kiss every guy but she went to another level. I can’t believe that she has acted like this in front of the world to see.

  2. If the guys in the contestants can't use their cell phones or tablets during all those weeks of The Bachelorette production, how on Earth could Jed leave the premises (even abroad) under the watchful eye of the producers to "go out and buy a ring for Hanna"?? I still think it was Luke just because he's dillusional and psychotic, and his mysoginistic brain can't understand that Hannah told him she did NOT want him as her husband.

  3. He said from the start originally went to further his music carreer while ever chance he brought out his guitar they should've edited all that out so it would've been a waste of his time

  4. Tyler with Hannah & Peter for Bachelor? Though something tells me Peter may not be ready emotionally. If Hannah sends him home I will weep bc I see Peter really breaking down….

  5. Ok for the sake of all bachelorettes, can we just not have cute struggling musicians on the show anymore? They are irresistible to young single 20 something year old girls. There have been movies about this (Almost Famous). But there is nothing about them that is trustworthy and/or willing to be in a committed relationship.

  6. Jed is materialist, a business man for music publicity not for Hannah.He has not genuine man you have a pure love for Hannah. Hannah your heart tell you who is in your best interest to build a genuine relationship. Jed is toxic for you.

  7. Jed's hometown visit makes sense since his mother and sister were not fond of the whole Hannah thing. They might have been questioning Jed's motivates at that point. I know they are hoping the Jed will become a big singer, but honestly he doesn't have that kind of a voice in my opinion.

  8. Question for you. Since weve seen hometowns, do you think it's more likely that Peter is the mystery proposer because he is the one with money to go buy the ring and who is so vehemently in love with her at hometowns? And the reason she is crying so badly is because she is so sad she doesnt feel the same and is sad she hurt him? Lol idk. Let the conspiracies continue tho!!

  9. Thanks for summarizing up this show. I have been confused the whole season. I just can't wait to see next week episode when Hannah finally comes to her senses and sends Luke P. home, yeah!!! I wish that I had a DVR to record his exit. I wish Tyler & Peter good luck on the fantasy suites & the final Rose 🌹🌹🌹.

  10. What are they always so upset, as there is other great men. Now Peter is and would be the best man, he is such a perfect man. And a great gentleman. But Hanna seems to love the bad boys, Peter is to good for her.

  11. I think it is so ironic and such a screw you to the state of Alabama that he goes on The Bachelorette, who is a Bama grad, when he has an Auburn girlfriend

  12. I mean wasnt Jed the one that on his very first date….said "I ACTUALLY CAME OUT HERE TO PROMOTE MY MUSIC CAREER…but now i like you" thats clearly manipulation. Jed is clearly scum using manipulation to cover it.

  13. 2xs in a windmill and one naked bungee jump…….nope. Not Gods will by any means. Of course he loves you Hannah but He sure doesn’t like what you’ve done


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